Parent Testimonials

From a mom at apple seeds: “I love the website and your playgroup has been an amazing experience for my boy. His love for you and your class continues to grow and is evident in the pictures and videos! Watching his interactions with other toddlers and your self during class has been amazing and ultimately even prepare him for pre-school, which we are starting this year. We are so excited to continue. Thank you for all that you do and for your passion to teach!”.

Best pre-school prep: I’m glad to say that our boy has been accepted to Montessori, it’s been a pleasure sending him to your classes, I’m sure it played a big part in his acceptance! He enjoyed his classes a lot, the way they are structured with games, music and weekly vocabulary sent home were very helpful. The teachers were nice and sweet with him, and also very patient. ¡HOLA! is a great way to introduce children to Spanish, I recommend it. Veronica is great, such an accommodating and caring professional.

From a Latin mom
Hola Playgroup ha sido de gran ayuda para mi hija. Allí juegan, interactúan con más niños que saben o quieren aprender Español, aprenden palabras cada semana y cantan. Los niños están en constante aprendizaje através del juego.
Como madre Hispana, sé de la importancia de hablar en Español en cualquier parte del mundo.

This is our second year…
My 4 yr. old daughter is speaking more Spanish than ever, thanks to the warm, thoughtful program that allows kids to see other kids speaking Spanish. From the opening song to the sweet goodbye song, I feel my daughter is absorbing the language and enjoying the class. I too learn along with her. What a great asset this program is for our children!

A real pro…
My daughter still asks about “Veronica’s class”. We have yet to find a Spanish class that can match HOLA. Verónica’s devotion to the children and careful planning make this class a rare find.

Best Spanish in town
My 2 yr old and I made the trip from uptown Manhattan to Chelsea for a great class in Spanish. Veronica is very enthusiastic and makes every toddler engage into every activity of her dynamic and rich class.
If you want your kid to learn the best Spanish in town while having fun, this is it!!!

One of the very best family playgroups
An excellent environment for all ages (12 mos-5 yrs). A well structured class that introduces the Spanish language to non-speaking and Spanish speaking children in the most fun, relaxed and enthusiastic manner through songs, puppets, participation, art and playtime.
A truly instrumental class for parents looking to introduce their children to the Spanish language. The instructor has a dynamic command of the class.

Learning is fun!
This playgroup is designed wonderfully for fun and learning. My five year old had a great time. Veronica has a terrific energy and genuine feeling for each child.

From a dad with 3 siblings in the program
“Veronica has a unique gift of being an amazing teacher. She has taught my children since they have been able to speak. We started in her Hola playgroup and went on to private lessons. It was important to me for my children to be able to speak Spanish like I do. She brought her special techniques and caring approaches to make the lessons fun and engaging. Veronica has been an important part of my children’s lives. Her instruction and influence has helped me give them the gift of the Spanish language”.

My daughter was five at the time she participated in ¡Hola!’s afternoon play group (for 3-5 yr olds).
The environment was warm and nurturing and the group included some younger ones as well as kids up to age 7. The class seemed a great mix of adorable art projects, play time and singing/story time. My daughter really took to the instructor, Veronica, and came home exhausted after two full hours of play. Over time, I realize how many words she’d actually picked up (and retained) from the class. I’d highly recommend it.

A bilingual gem
Way before we went to the class we heard the HOLA! CD and were thrilled by the original music, creativity and fun- It’s hard to say who enjoys the music more- the kid or us?
The class itself exceeded all the expectations we had from the CD. Veronica is a real pro and carefully plans each class with various activities and learning modes. The kids have fun and learn so much, each class engages kids with different activities, including music and dancing, arts and crafts, visuals and games. The kids learn Spanish- and so much more- in a creative and friendly environment.
A beautiful class which is also a great educational gift for the kids.

From a caregiver
“Verónica is a fantastic teacher! The classes are very well prepared and the kids learn quickly. The child I care for began attending her classes at the age of 10 months and through her relaxed and fun approach at the age of 18 months, he has built a large Spanish vocabulary. I recommend her classes to all who want Spanish as a second language for their little ones.”

Best playgroup by far
“My 2 1/2 year old has been going for over a year now. The crafts are the most creative and precious, the music they use is memorable, cheerful and my girl sings and dances to it all the time. We’ve got a little art gallery of all her projects from ¡HOLA!. It’s just a happy place.”