Immersion for 2-6 Yrs

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Children have transitioned into learning in on-line classrooms, and ¡HOLA! continues to offer this program via Zoom. In this immersive class we follow a natural approach to teaching. The structure follows routines that kids love! and the purpose is to be fun and educational. We use repetition of the basic words of the day throughout the theme-centered class, which brings out the ability to recognize Spanish in the child’s daily life and the desire to learn it because it’s fun!

The program has a wide and carefully planned curriculum, and we aim for the children to begin with the very first steps by verbalizing the words in order to acquire oral and auditory skills, among other beneficial aspects of the program. Our on-line classes are enriching and engaging as ever!

Not sure if the class may work for your child? We can offer a trial class.

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