Our Mission

We aspire to guide children to become bilingual community members in the global world in their future, and ¡HOLA! is very proud to be a leader, and proud of our cultural heritage through which we support and promote bilingualism. The keys are immersion, consistency, having the parent be “a play partner” or supporter in the learning process, and an early start: “For a growing child, learning a new language instills self-confidence and mental discipline, a stronger cultural awareness and a true sense of accomplishment”.

Languages are best learned in toddlerhood. Starting young offers the widest benefits because children have greater room to grow into both their first and second language. When learning during childhood, it helps to more easily learn a language as an adult, as the neural pathways of the brain are hard-wired.

¡HOLA! is for all children, at any age! We have developed programs that are appropriate from toddlerhood to middle school kids. Already Spanish speaking students are not only welcome, but encouraged to enhance what they already know, ¡HOLA! aides in letting go of the sometimes reluctance and fear to speak in a different language, even when content is understood.

Learning a new language is an exciting and rewarding experience at any age and provides many cultural opportunities. Economic advantage will be available for those who are bilingual in many work fields in our global, interconnected world.