Six and beyond

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For classes for older students (six years and up), ¡HOLA! run’s various programs in private group settings. Please fill out the “Request Info” form under Private Classes, we’ll send you additional information. ¡Gracias!


From a mom with 2 students:
“Simone has Spanish in HS four hours per week, and she’s handling Spanish very well—thanks to your great teaching! Thanks so much for preparing her so well. And Silvie is in MS and is currently enrolled in an online class, I am still hoping to have her take classes with you again at some point. Thanks again for all that you taught them, the three of you had a great run!”

From a mom of a 16 year old:
“Congratulations on your anniversary! SO COOL! Hey everybody, my daughter Liana, now 16, was one of the original children in Veronica’s splendid HOLA play groups. She is now in the 11th grade, reading Spanish literature and writing reports strictly en Español. THANK YOU Veronica”