¡HOLA, Música! (8 mos -4 years)

This program is offered now at CITY TREE HOUSE, in Chelsea! For 8 mos-4 yrs, please follow their booking site to register for the Spring session at: https://citytreehouse.pike13.com/group_classes/195395

This program is not just about the joy of music and jamming to rhythms and sounds in Spanish, but about gently introducing your child to a wide array of vocabulary words while encouraging verbal participation. Simple songs and beats form a culturally wide music curriculum foster a fun and positive interaction with peers  through musical activities that are filled with fun! We only use props and educational materials that have been tried and true over the years in the ¡HOLA! language immersion programs, in order to stimulate your child. His/her consistent participation in our music program will reap the most benefits, and what better intro to a foreign language than through music?

Your child can continue in their language journey on any of our immersion classes, offered for children 2 months through 5 years old, at apple seeds/Flatiron. Contact us for lessons for 5 yrs and up.

Trial a class or get a discount by signing up for the session, and bring a buddy to enjoy the class together!