Policies for Manhattan Groups

Dear Parent;

Before you enroll your child, please read the following policies. If you will not be attending the class with your child but will send a caregiver, please make sure that she/he is informed of the following:

No child will be accepted in the program unless the parent signs and fills out the registration form and waivers of liability prior to the starting date. ¡HOLA! and apple seeds cannot be held liable for any accidents that may occur. Waivers must be signed for both ¡HOLA! (through the registration form, including a photo and media release) and may be asked at the front desk at apple seeds if your child is new to the facility.

Joining us when a session has started is possible if there’s enough spots available and payment is due at the time of registration. Payment at a pro-rated fee is honored after the session has started however, if a child misses any classes during the pro-rated remainder of the session, make ups can not be honored. Please ask ¡HOLA! to give you a pro-rated quote.

Make-up sessions are credited only when the child is fully registered for the 13-16 week long sessions during the Fall, Winter or Spring/Summer semesters. One make up class can be honored in the following ways:
– Your child can do one make up class in one of the other programs at apple seeds (we have a Toddler Program, an 18 months- Three’s, a Two’s-Three’s program. PLEASE BEAR IN MIND THAT THE AGE GROUP MAY NOT BE THE SAME AS YOUR CHILD’S program in which you enrolled).
– RSVP in advance is required.
– One make up can be credited when signing up for the next semester. Make ups/credit are NOT transferable to siblings or friends.

Refunds can be requested prior to no less than 7 days before a session starts. A $50 cancellation fee will apply.

HOLA cannot give any refunds within 7 days from the starting date, or once the program has started, but you can receive credit to be applied to the following session in case you need to cancel your child’s participation in the session during the first two weeks after the session has begun.

¡HOLA! A Playgroup in Spanish is always delighted to accept siblings in class as long as the parent and caregiver are aware that it’s at their own risk. The adult must be able to handle the two children and supervise both at all times. ALL CHILDREN MUST BE WITHIN ARM’S REACH AT ALL TIMES.

Can be present in the class at no charge until the baby turns 8 months. When the sibling turns 8 months, a 20% discount will apply and the child must be registered at a pro-rate during or at the beginning of the session.

Permission to participate in any class must be arranged prior to the class, and a drop-in fee of $40 must be pre-paid online.

A 10% discount will be applied to one child from 12 months and up. If the adult needs to address any comment to the child during class, she/he must do it in a quiet and discreet manner to not interrupt the class and other participants. Non- Spanish speaking babysitters must be aware that the class is not bilingual, but an immersive class. We’d be glad to translate if needed, should it be requested. All program guidance will be given on the first day in English language as we are interested in as much participation as possible from the grown ups. To aid the non-Spanish speakers, we will display all the songs in large posters for all adults to sing along or hand song books during the class. We use a wide array of visual aids and props that are implemented in each class. However, our priority will be given to a Spanish immersive class. If your child’s accompanying adult may not feel comfortable with listening to Spanish, we may recommend that she does not participate in the class, but speaking Spanish is not a requirement. Most adults can follow class well.

If a parent would like to schedule a trial class before signing up, it can be scheduled at a drop-in cost of $40. Registration at a pro-rate is honored.

Free trial classes are only offered at certain times during the year, are for new students only and are announced by email to RSVP.

If your child has had a fever within the last 24 hrs., he/she should stay at home for that day, or if he/she has had any other illness that could be contagious to other class participants.

It’s always very helpful if you could make sure your child goes to the bathroom, or diaper changed before the class begins.

While we understand that precious moments of your child need to be recorded in any form of video/photo, videoptaping a full class is not allowed. Please be aware that there are families who do not want their children to be photographed or viedotaped, so we ask that you do focus your camera or smart phone exclusively directly at your child.

It’s my recommendation that your child attends year round. To complement this program, I suggest buying books in Spanish and reading to the child as much as possible as well as going over the list of words provided in every class, and to keep at home in a binder or folder. Through music, children can identify words that they know and get “their ear” used to hearing Spanish.

¡HOLA! hands out our original music CD for free when signing up for the full session.

Any other audio/video materials are also recommended, but most important, if your caregiver is from a Latin American country or Spain, please encourage her to only speak in Spanish to your child at all times.

¡HOLA! offers different programs for different age groups, we suggest your child continues onto the next program or repeats another session in the same program.

Verónica Braun/Director
(917) 648-5006