Read about Pumpkinville, or Ciudad Calabaza by a young writer student. Translation by: Verónica Braun

November 18, 2017

El Policía y el Perro que Siempre Atrapaban a los Malos: The Policeman and the dog Who Always Caught the Bad Guys (Spanish Edition) by Miles M. Pines, translation by Verónica Braun.

In this collaborative project, both Miles and Verónica shared precious moments of great fun and laughter! Young ¡HOLA! student Miles Pines’ first book includes a tale of great imagination through vivid “fruit characters”, great teamwork, heroism, good vs. evil, friendship and loyalty, and ahhh… eating pies!

Miles participated in ¡HOLA!’s Spanish play groups for Two’s- Four’s and then moved on to private classes for quite some years!

Available in Spanish at Amazon (Paperback edition).