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AND OLDER TODDLERS (18 - 23 months)
Play, music and socialization are the focus of this class. The theme centered class is aimed towards building vocabulary. Your child can continue learning Spanish in our program for Two-Three years old.

"Verónica is a fantastic teacher! The classes are very well prepared and the kids learn quickly. My son began attending her classes at the age of 6 months and through her relaxed and fun approach at the age of 18 months, he has built a large Spanish vocabulary. I recommend her classes to all who want Spanish as a second language for their little ones." - Benatar Family and Regina (Sebastian's Nanny)

In every class, we explore and play around a new theme. This extensive program helps children build cognitive, social, and communication skills, as well as vocabulary. Through the introduction of visual material and verbal participation, children begin to develop an interest in communicating in Spanish. Each class theme is expressed through art time, which brings out artistic expression and activities that promote gross and fine motor coordination. Previous exposure is not required. Your child can continue learning Spanish in our immersion program for 3-5 yr olds.

Best playgroup by far:
"My 2 1/2 year old has been going for over a year now. The crafts are the most creative and precious, the music they use is memorable, cheerful and my girl sings and dances to it all the time. We've got a little art gallery of all her projects from ¡HOLA!. It's just a happy place


In this program, learning not only new vocabulary but basic Spanish phrases are emphasized. Phonetic awareness and pronunciation is reinforced. Literacy reinforces the day's activities, as well as art. Previous instruction is not required. Your child can continue learning Spanish in our immersion program for 6-8 yr olds.

My daughter was five:
"At the time she participated in ¡HOLA!'s afternoon play group (for 3-5 yr olds). The environment was warm and nurturing and the group included some younger ones as well as kids up to age 7. The class seemed a great mix of adorable art projects, play time and singing/story time. My daughter really took to the instructor, Verónica, and came home exhausted after two full hours of play. Over time, I realize how many words she'd actually picked up (and retained) from the class. I'd highly recommend it."

5.5 - 7.5 YEARS OLD

This program is for children who have attended other ¡HOLA! programs or who have been exposed to Spanish before. Already bilingual children are welcome! Every day conversational Spanish will be applied in a communicative approach of basic grammar, and we'll make use of various games and other materials to assimilate the language while having fun. We'll also apply our phonetic awareness and letter sounds program, reading and writing and building vocabulary among other activities.


Our language acquisition program has an emphasis on the whole-child and we focus on social/emotional development through self-regulation, positive behavior-management and social interaction with peers. Gross motor development is fostered through guided and free physical play. Some examples of this include Yoga en Español, movement and other activities. Fine motor development is also encouraged through hands-on self expression and exploration. Management will be a focus in order for the children to use their language skills, have individual choice and engage in structured play.We aspire to guide children to become creative thinkers, problem solvers and community members. Our play-based literacy rich curriculum will be aimed towards immersing the child in the Spanish language as they become bilingual. Instruction will take place in a variety of forums. Some of our unique programs will be offered as part of the Summer Program, such as: Exploring Cultures and Radio Lab.).

SUMMER EXPLORING CULTURES Exploring... is designed to promote multicultural awareness and teaches children the richness and traditions of the cultures in Latin America and Spain, and to appreciate the differences among the countries with the same common denominator: their language. Through dramatic play we'll be "traveling" and learning why theses countries are so special. And as we become "explorers" we'll have a direct experience with these cultures using all our senses! This program will only be offered during the Summer.

SUMMER RADIO LAB A new program where children will have an opportunity to work with their own voice and sounds through multimedia. A unique and fun way to learn Spanish! This program will only be offered during the Summer.

"My son has been with ¡HOLA! for a long time, he totally loves it! This Summer, they introduced their Extended Program and it was a real success. After my child had 2 full mornings of immersion, his progress was evident in the house. I encourage any parent with an interest in Spanish to enroll their child in this beautiful program"

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