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Apple Seeds:
10 W. 25th St., New York, NY 10010
200 West End Ave, NY, NY 10023

¡HOLA! at Young Chefs Academy in Forest Hills:
108-10 72nd Ave., 2nd Floor, Forest Hills, NY 11375

¡HOLA! A Playgroup in Spanish was reviewed by Spanish Playground! Check out the article here

¡Hola! A Playgroup in Spanish was rated among 5 of the best classes in town by Kidz Central Station!
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"El que habla dos idiomas vale por dos..." ( or, He who speaks two languages is worth as two).

Bilingualism is fundamental.

Language is something that grows, it is a process and it requires commitment.

Veronica's CUATRO keys: immersion, consistency, the parent as an active play partner in the learning process, and an early start.

¡HOLA! A Playgroup in Spanish is a unique immersion, grass-roots program established since 2001 for young children ages 12 months to eight years of age. Our language acquisition philosophy and organic method of teaching involves a natural approach through hands-on play and exploration, recreating a natural environment for learning. Our year-round programs are about play and interaction and include a wide curriculum aimed to facilitate language and communication skills. Through the program's activities, children build cognitive, fine-gross motor, social and artistic skills, among many other benefits to their development.

Our success in teaching Spanish to young children is based on the observations of our very personal method developed throughout the years, through parents' feedback, and the child's enthusiastic participation and progress throughout the year. Children get to love Spanish through ¡HOLA! because it's taught in the most fun and educational way, engaging children in this very special process of language learning. The language surfaces spontaneously with great confidence and enthusiasm .

We aspire to guide children to become bilingual community members in a near future, and ¡HOLA! is very proud to be a leader and a part of that! We are proud of our language and cultural heritage and we will support any activity that promotes bilingualism.

"For a growing child, especially in such a diverse community as New York , learning a new language instills self-confidence and mental discipline, a stronger cultural awareness and a true sense of accomplishment."